Friday, 10 July 2015

New trend: Glass Live Streaming

Smart glasses used to stream ones life...
What are the privacy concerns to society?
With an ever increasing number of smartglass users, with it an older entertaining activity gets a complete new dimension. We are very well familiar with live streams of webcams that are mounted on rooftops or placed behind windows, allowing visitors from all over the world to enjoy sights from behind their computer, TV, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

As the next generation of smart devices gains more ground within society, one such device in particular, the Smart Glasses, are rapidly seeing a modern trend going along with their everyday use: Glass Live Streaming (GLS) or as some call it: Life Streaming (lifestreaming).

Privacy issues related to smart glasses and other wearable smart technologies

Smart devices, and in particular smart glasses, are a big concern to those who worry about personal freedom and privacy. As smart glasses such as the Google Glass are able to record and stream a continuous feed of moving images, it means in turn that there will be quite a huge number of people who are being filmed, if not downright spy'd on, without they could have a single clue that this is being done.

Also, there are substantial risks of "forgetting" to turn off recording mode on ones smart glass or even accidentally activating the streaming features.
Those "flaws" and privacy issues are an entire new set of modern-day technology challenges that not have been addressed as of yet and will most probably take another decade to be fully addressed, legislated and solved indeed.

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